Do you need an inspirational speaker for your event? Do you need a fun and powerful way to built trust and connection with your staff? Engaging and entertaining presentations and workshop topics for all ages include but are not limited to:




Presentations can be spoken, or interwoven with song. Workshops are tailored to each groups needs and goals. Please reach out with your questions and desires!

If you are an individual and would like to be a part of a group here in Iowa City, or as a Virtual Workshop, please contact me. I will build classes according to interest.

I want to help as many communities as I can, eventually building scholarship and grant programs for small and underserved communities. Don’t let cost keep you from reaching out!

This is a service I created, from the liturgy to the selection of hymns, scriptures and original music.

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Knightingale Voice

Discovering the divine voice within us all.

Iowa City, IA and Worldwide Online

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Shedding Armor

The light is dim today. Clouds and the sound of tires through the wet streets. Breathe, just breathe… but the sorrow seeps into my chest and my heart wound burns and stings as it radiates outward. Each breath feels like I am wearing heavy chainmail. Is this chainmail of protection the sorrows of the world?…


Flickering light through my eyelids. As I open them, golden light appears. A fly, flitting about and the distinct shadow of my pencil. The light vibrates all that it touches while a car blares a favorite soundtrack. I breathe in and feel the sorrows of the world as the wind gently caresses the leaves to…


I woke again with searing pain. The night throbbing, anxiety electrifying my nerves. Haunted dreams, estrangement, illness, unpreparedness, a crumbling roof… a blessed relief to be awake. Breathe… Not long ago, the waking hours felt as haunted as the nights, trapped in the cage of a life of my own making. Yet the path to…