I have been leading choirs and musical groups for over twenty years in schools, churches, and the communities throughout the Midwest and South. Usually the focus of each group is to prepare for performances. I want to expand my vocation to even more communities and create opportunities to include people that don’t participate in traditional music to give everyone the the ability to use music to grow and heal. These classes and workshops will help everyone explore their voice in a safe environment to create vitality, joy and empowerment and build connection and trust in your community. Each session can be completely tailored to the wants and needs of the group.

If you are an individual and would like to be a part of a group here in Iowa City, or as a Virtual Workshop, please contact me. I will build classes according to interest.

I want to help as many communities as I can, eventually building scholarship and grant programs for small and underserved communities. Don’t let cost keep you from reaching out!

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Knightingale Voice

Discovering the divine voice within us all.

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