Searching, searching, searching…

My mind clawing for meaning in the unknown.

I feel a shift.

Giving reins over to my soul, my intuition, my heart.

A flood of relief, a calm surrender.

This is what I have longed for. Yet, I am terrified.

It is a different terror; my old terror was crippling.

This terror releases me from the crushing anxiety of before.

I feel the words “wait, wait, wait”; but I cannot see what lies ahead.

I am shedding all that no longer serves me.

Have I lost all external belonging?

I feel alone and in grief.

The bunny under our massive bushes seems to be doing the same thing.

Huddled and waiting…

*This prose poem is the second in a series that I am publishing with my blog chronicling the last year of my healing journey. I hope that by sharing, I might bring comfort and strength to others traveling the deep, dark, winding road of healing.

Love and Light to You.

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