Flickering light through my eyelids.

As I open them, golden light appears.

A fly, flitting about

and the distinct shadow of my pencil.

The light vibrates all that it touches

while a car blares a favorite soundtrack.

I breathe in and feel the sorrows of the world

as the wind gently caresses the leaves to sighing.

My body is weary.

Fighting the virus that attacked humanity.

Thankful for a boosted immunity.

Grateful to survive more days on this earth.

A relief to finally be in solidarity with the world.

Space and peace to heal

is a balm for my soul.


I need rest.

Why do I deny myself this crucial need?

My body says thank you,

please slow down,

take in the magic all around you.

The mind knows much less than I thought…

This is my fifth poem in my healing journal entitled Rest. My weekly publishing of my next entry from last fall just happened to coincide with Mother’s Day. It must be a sign:) So, today I hope this inspires mothers and those that support them to find space to truly rest. Love and Light.

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